About the “Wife Life”

As a current wife, new momma, graduate student, and employee I am not only constantly in “Wife Life” mode, but am almost always battling a full-on “quarter-life crisis.” I have WTH moments daily (sometimes hourly), am forever counting down the days to my next big life event (along with the steps on my FitBit), and am learning – very slowly – to hold my tongue in stressful situations (which includes watching my colorful language).

My husband and newborn Adeline are the absolute loves of my life, only second to my infatuation with puppies (jk!). I have become a full-fledged Barre addict within the last year (#barrelife), I usually have too much input for my own good, and I’m attempting to chronicle the hilarity of my life as it comes. So… let’s hop to it.

AboutIn case you hadn’t guessed it, above is me and below are the husband and the babes.






**Commentary by me – who else?!**