Adventure is out there.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. The beginning of October seems like light-years in the past while Thanksgiving and Christmas are sneaking up on us and I’m not quite ready.

My closest friends are always the first to make fun of me at this time of year because I “holiday hop” over Halloween and Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. Decorating, music, and festivities are usually in full swing by November 1st in the Ruiz Household… but this year, we’re taking the holidays as they come, and I’m desperately trying not to get ahead of myself.

Since my last post, some pretty cool stuff has happened. To start, I’ll begin by bragging on my girl. Addie just turned three months old and, I swear, the milestone turned her into a whole new baby.

Here’s the condensed list of the things she miraculously learned to do overnight:

  • She climbed a tree
  • Scraped her knee
  • Her dress, it got a tear
  • She waltzed on her way to mass
  • Then whistled on the stair

Haha! Jk, jk… I’m a trickster, I know.

But in all seriousness…. If you didn’t get that whimsical reference, I’m going to need you to stop here, brush up on your classic musical library, and then we can be friends again.

Assuming that song is now sufficiently stuck in your head, I know it is in mine, let’s try again with Adeline’s list of accomplishments:

  • She rolled over for the first time
  • She clasps her hands together in front of her chest (almost clapping!)
  • She burps unassisted when we sit her up
  • She is extremely aware
  • Her head control is out of this world
  • And she’s getting cuter and cuter everyday… but you could’ve already guessed that!

While all of these fabulous things are happening and we couldn’t be happier, she’s having some bouts with colic that are almost as hard on us as they are on her. Pobrecita. Some of the worst nights we’ve had as of late occurred while we were on vacation in Boston. It was definitely sad times, McGee.

Speaking of Boston: me, my mom, and Luis got our happy butts on that cross-country flight with Addie in toe and made it through an extensive day of travel with absolutely no tears. It was pretty darn miraculous, if I do say so myself. I definitely thought Luis would have shed at least a few tears.

In preparation for the flight we made some goodie bags for our fellow travelers that were stuffed with ear plugs, a few treats, and a note from Addie. She asked that they be patient with her if she got fussy, but luckily she was great and no one had to use their plugs because of her.

Goodie Bag

Boston, itself, was a beautiful city! We enjoyed the views, the historical landmarks we could get to with our limited time, and got to visit Harvard (which was my personal favorite!). I was in my final 20 hours of training for barre certification while there, so I didn’t get as much site-seeing done as I would have liked, but I can officially say I’ve taken the accredited (and proctored) barre exam to become an instructor and am now just waiting on the results. Yaay!


This, the Union Oyster House, is the oldest restaurant in the United States! It’s been continually in business since it’s establishment in 1826!

Harvard 3

Here is me, my mom, and Addie standing in front of the infamous gates of Harvard. They say you should only pass through them twice in your lifetime: once when you’re entering the University as a freshman and second as you’re leaving as a graduate. As you can see, we didn’t walk through.


We also made our way up to Salem, MA. With it being October, and all, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to visit this WITCHY town!


And then there I am with my training group right before we took the exam to get certified by Exhale to teach barre ❤

Speaking of barre… if you’ve never tried it out and you’re interested in taking your first class at Barre Defined in Turlock, create a client profile here, schedule yourself for a class, and then use promo code: EMILYGUEST during checkout for 20% off!

As for things that are upcoming, I can’t wait to share that I am involved in a new project that has got me FULL of excitement! Luis and I and two of our friends (Michelle and Andre) are starting a Disney movie podcast called The Walt Vault. We’ve had the idea for this podcast for over a year and are excited to see it finally come to life! We’ve recorded our first episode and it’s set to release in JUST TWO DAYS on all of your favorite podcast networks including iTunes, Google Play, and online on our website. You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter @thewaltvaultpod

There you’ll find updates on what our latest episodes have to offer and will be able to interact with us as we record new content. Our first episode, coming out just in time for Halloween, is our take on the 90’s classic Hocus Pocus. We can’t wait for you to take a listen and hope you LOVE it. If you do, feel free to subscribe and rate us so other Disney movie lovers can find us and listen too!


Until Next Time

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