I haven’t forgotten.

My last day of work for Stanislaus County was this last week and woo-wee that feels a little weird. I mean, I haven’t been to work since mid-June so it’s not physically weird that I’m not on the job, but the idea of not having a full-time, paid position is a little hard to wrap my mind around. But you know what? I’m excited. I’m blessed. I’m super grateful. And for the first time in a long time – I’m not worried.

I’m finally starting to feel secure in being a mom and every time I look at Adeline I’m reminded that because I’ve been given the opportunity to stay home, there’s nowhere else I could possibly be! That’s pretty dang reassuring in itself, and anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed I try to remind myself that everything works itself out. I mean, it does, doesn’t it?!

Tummy Time

But speaking of being overwhelmed… or, at least, moderate-whelmed. I’m currently wrapping up my Master’s capstone project (i.e., thesis-in-a-semester) and my second to last class EVER. Thank the Lord! Group projects are sucking out my soul, because… that’s what they were invented for. I’ll just say they’re doing that job a little too well, if you know what I mean. I’m also working through petitioning to graduate, so, it’s gets real! REAL QUICK! This program is almost done and I can’t wait.

I’m also in the process of getting certified to teach barre. Whoop-whoop! I just finished the first 20 hours of in-studio training of the required 40 before I take the proctored test in less than two weeks (eek!).


Oh, and MOST IMPORTNATLY… I’m doing this full time milk production, baby loving thing. It consists of lots of sudsy baths, more messes than I can keep up with, and the BEST kisses you could possibly ask for. So, there’s that, too!

It’s funny though. Every time I turn around the laundry needs to be done again and I’m behind on dusting, let alone homework that’s due. But in those moments I have to think about priorities – will I get that homework done? Yes. But would I rather spend that initial time with Addie? HECK YES.

So, as I sit here writing this with Addie cooing next to me – I’ll have to cut it short because she’s growing up too fast (cue the tears).

Until Next Time

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