Daddy and Addie.

In honor of my husband’s birthday week and my overwhelmed heart that bursts for his amazing dad-ness and husbandry, I’d like to dedicate this post as a special “Daddy and Addie” segment on “Wife Life” and Beyond.

I’ve talked quite a bit in previous posts about how much I love Luis and my appreciation for his contributions to our life, so I won’t drone on. I will, however, point out that in going through and choosing the pictures I share below, I realized JUST HOW MUCH of a wonderful soul Luis is, inside and out. Not just towards me and Addie, but regarding everyone he interacts with – his students, his classmates, his extended family, and beyond. Talk about being thankful to have someone like this to rub off on me, especially when I’m feeling extraordinarily prickly!

Even more impressive to me is that Luis doesn’t get to spend as many moments with Adeline as I do because he is hard at work every day providing for us in more ways that we could count. He does, however, make the most of the time that he is here, doing as much as he can to love on and take care of both me and our girl. He says he’s just trying to “do his part,” but little does he know he’s doing a million times more. 

So, before we start with the water works (I just finished applying my non-waterproof mascara), let’s hop to it.

Here’s the entirety of my two favorites from the last two months.

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Until Next Time

2 thoughts on “Daddy and Addie.

  1. venturingmama says:

    Omg lol. Remember those days I was super emotional and would cry everytime I saw or talked about a baby? Well, My hormones have calmed down a bit but if they hadn’t, I would be wiping my tears off right now! Great Pics Emily!! He seems like an exemplary father!


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