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Emily & Addie

We’re growing like weeds, ya’ll.

While Luis and I are not physically growing taller or wider (thank the Lord), our hearts are growing at least two sizes each and every day – cue a gif from the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas… then multiply that by, like, a bajillion.

Addie, on the other hand, is a true weed – getting all big and strong and making her momma proud with each new day. Really, with each new moment. I swear I wake up in the morning like, “Ummm… excuse me. I just fed you a few hours ago and I’m sure you gained three pounds and grew at least a few more inches.” Seriously. This stuff is crazy.

She’s holding her head up like a champ during tummy time (which she totally hates) and will put pressure into her feet while being held up. I like to pretend like she’s standing… then I get over that real quick because if she’s standing at nearly two months we are ALL in trouble.

My girl is sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating – growing – and sleeping and eating and we couldn’t be happier. By all accounts she’s as healthy as a horse, but I would say much more beautiful – even though horses are quite majestic.

Speaking of majestic – her dang hair is literally growing exponentially and I don’t think anyone who’s met her has NOT commented on it. Everywhere we go people will see the car seat (which is many times shaded by the Car Seat Canopy) and say “awwwww, a baby!” and then we uncover it and they’re like, “OMG! I’m jealous of that head of hair! She looks just like her dad!” …. yeah, yeah.

I would just like to point out that:





There, I said it.


It’s cool. It’s cool. I’m not butt hurt or anything.

But back to Adds: She likes the attention. She already knows she’s the cutest girl on the block. She’s constantly smiling at strangers or, at the very least, giving them a little side-eye that gets a laugh out of ’em and that’s good enough for me.

Side Eye

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about how she’s doing with colic (i.e., gas, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it yet). Our girl has had some bouts and definitely cried *real* tears (I didn’t realize newborns don’t emit real tears early on), but she always comes out on the other side a happier baby – mostly because she got to toot out what ailed her. But hey, who can blame her? I think we’ve been extremely lucky because most blogs and research reports say bouts can last anywhere from minutes to hours and (again, THANK the Lord) we’ve experienced only the former, with 30-ish minutes being our longest encounter.

Lots of people have shared that colic can be linked to what mom eats, but – with me being me – I jumped on the trusted, never wrong or biased internet with help from my mom and Luis and found multiple studies that show no causal link between food consumption and baby’s gas. You’ll just as soon read 75 more, however, that say everything from salad (and virtually every other green out there) to coffee will effect baby’s retention of gas. Of course, getting the much needed vitamins and nutrients are extremely important through mom’s diet (regardless of if you’re breastfeeding or not), but I’m just going to throw out there that without coffee I can be an unmanageable hell beast, so we’re keeping coffee as a life essential. Priorities, people.

As for sleeping – Miss Adeline has been a trooper at night. Early on we set an alarm for feeding every 2-4 hours and would wake her up to ensure she was eating on schedule. Now we let her regulate – and boy, does she – waking up every 4 hours like clockwork. On nights where she had a colicky episode during the day, especially if it was after the 5 or 6 o’clock hour, she’ll sleep even longer. There’s been times where she’s literally slept for 7-8 hours! We’ve woken up like “HELLLLOOOOO OVER THERE!!” and she just smiles back from her bassinet with no tears and even a little giggle.

SIKE! she cries back *very loudly* with something that sounds like: “I’m hungry! Where’s breakfast?!”

But, it’s all the same in a mother’s eyes, right?

I think she just tires herself out and then has to sleep it off like a bad hangover, but with gas and milk instead of booz. It’s cool, I remember those days.


Gotta thank Louie for his sneaky camera skills on this one.

And then there’s her waking hours.

Let. Me. Just. Say. I could not be anymore IN LOVE (insert heart eyes emoji) with my baby girl when she’s awake. I mean, she’s cute and all when she’s sleepy and cuddly, but when she wakes up and (now that she’s making eye contact) looks at me… man! There’s nothing better.

She could totally pass for a Disney princess because she’s beautiful, of course, but her eyes literally take up half her face when she’s alert. Ever noticed that about the princesses? Their eyes are obnoxiously large. Just another beauty goal none of us can obtain, but then there’s my almost-two-month-old rocking trends that I’ll never pin down in my life time. Perfect sized eyes, long-ole eye lashes, and the best Jamie Lee Curtis pixie cut you’ve ever seen (literally, my most beloved hair style of all time) even after a sweaty nap. Talk about unfair!

The woes of motherhood, I know.

Speaking of woes – let’s just talk about how WOEFUL it is that I get to spend so much amazing time with this nugget while Luis has to go to work. I mean, of course we have to work, but I realize just how #blessed I am that I am getting to spend these wonderful moments with our daughter. I suppose that’s what makes the moments shared between Luis and Addie so much more beautiful, though.

When he gets home and sees her his face lights up like I’ve never seen before. I didn’t think I could see him so in love with someone other than me (that sounds bad, I know, but it’s true). When I watch him with Adeline my heart melts. Literally. All over the floor. He’s such a good dad. Gah! Ya’ll have to get yourself one of these if you don’t have one already. Marriage is much better than it looks societally and in the media, I promise!

Lastly, let’s recap on some of my favorite pictures from this week:

And there ya have it, folks!

Until next time ❤


One thought on “The latest.

  1. venturingmama says:

    She Is a cutie! I love what you said about how seeing Luis loving her melts your heart. It is another level of love isn’t it? I promise you, watching them bond with each other never gets old. It is a beautiful sight.


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