Transition time.

It’s that time again – back to school.

For many people that means sending little ones off to new classrooms or, for my teacher-friends, readjusting their summer brains for another school year. While this is still true, this particular “back to school” period marks my last “first day” of grad school… thank the Lord! In less than four months I’ll be the proud recipient of a shiny new Master’s Degree and then it’ll officially be time to decide what being a grown up looks like in the future. However, I’ll procrastinate on that, I’m sure, so we’ll hold off on that discussion until a later date.

Being a momma has kept me busy up until this point and, as you can see, there’s no need to miss going to work because there’s a new boss in town telling me all about what needs to be done and when!

Boss Lady

She’s definitely the cutest boss I’ve ever had, so I guess I can’t complain.

Alas, back to grad school. In true higher education fashion, this semester is going to be a BEAST with three courses (aka, a full load) AND the completion of my capstone project (which might as well be a thesis jammed into one semester). So, with that said, if I’m like CRYING or *Cracked Out Fox* from now until Christmas, don’t worry too much. It’ll pass. Me and Addie can just throw tantrums together. It’s totally acceptable, right?

*Cracked Out Fox: I realize Luis and I use this phrase a lot and that people may not know what we’re talking about. Here, take a look:

Cracked out fox

Anywho, like I said, the next few months will be interesting enough with graduate school but also exciting because along with learning more about motherhood with my presh baby I will be going through the certification process to become a barre instructor. WHOOP!

I’ve shared multiple times that my obsession for barre runs deep, but now that I’ll be teaching AND attending classes (and working the front desk in between), I’ll try to keep the updates at a minimum… JUST KIDDING! If you haven’t read up on the fun of what barre is, or how attending classes POSITIVELY affected my pregnancy, click here for more info!

So, I’m super excited to take on this new adventure for many reasons. Here’s just a few:

(1) I love teaching group fitness! For those of you who don’t know, I used to choreograph musicals at my alma mater. I taught high schoolers with all levels of experience – from those who had never moved before in their life (like, you wondered if they’d even walked… they were THAT uncoordinated) to those who had years of dance and musical theatre experience. I loved teaching THEM ALL. The uncoordinated ones were actually my favorite because their improvement was amazing to watch, along with their confidence and dedication! From the first day of auditions during retreat where they stumbled around to the final performance months later, they proved that with a little courage and a LOT of practice, we can all tackle new opportunities SUCCESSFULLY! But, alas, since the lovely music director at the school retired I have not taught any type of dance or fitness and I find I TRULY miss it! Teaching barre classes will hopefully fill that void.

(2) I’m not the type to sit at home. Especially while I’m on maternity leave and transitioning into extended leave, there is NO WAY I can stay home every day, even if I’m doing small errands here and there to “get out of the house.” Now, hear me out. I LOVE being a mom and can’t believe how amazing the opportunity to stay home this long with Adeline has been, but there’s just no way I can be hobby-less. Also, continuing to have purpose outside of the home AND engage in adult conversations daily is actually really important. You wouldn’t imagine how the idea of your sig other coming home is THAT much more exciting when you’ve only talked to a baby all day. With that being said, I really appreciate having other amazing people in my life, moms specifically, who are going through similar situations and have been willing to share. Lynn who writes over at Venturing Mama just shared a post on her experience of moving to Texas and how the transition from having worked full time for many years to now being a stay at home momma has been on her. Her account definitely rings true for me and I agree that staying busy and finding people with common likes and activities makes the whole experience better, more manageable, and fulfilling! Personally, having always been the type to have a project or activity going on to keep me motivated and creative, I believe that teaching barre classes paired with the opportunity to tone up and stay fit will DEFINITELY equal a recipe for success (not to mention will be super FUN)!


I mean, anyone down for WINE + BARRE?! … That’s what I thought.

(3) I believe in strengthening yourself, mentally AND physically. Every time I walk into the barre studio I feel this total self-empowerment vibe. There’s definitely a sense that the women are expecting me to put in my 100% effort, not because they want perfection, but because they care about me being the best version of myself, as an individual and as a client. They want me to be healthy, just like I want to be healthy. They want me to be strong, just like I want to be strong. They want me to feel confident and beautiful – regardless of my weight, my stature, my background, my baggage. I mean, who doesn’t want to be in a place like that? Somewhere that makes you happy AND healthy?! Just saying! It’s a win-win.

So, needless to say, I’m excited and can’t wait to start.

I invite you to come take a class, or just stop by for a visit to see me CRYING over school, *Cracked out Fox-ing* over being a first time mom, and/or pretending to have my life together! It’ll be fun and entertaining, I promise!

Now, before ending, I won’t pretend like you came here for anything other than exclusive baby pics, so HERE fiends: (yes, I said “fiends,” not “friends”)

1 AddiePondering what she’ll be when she grows up.

3 AddieModeling fresh out of the shower.

4 AddieAnd, finally… deciding on sleeping in her crib for the first time (in which she decided AGAINST).

**Update! As of 8/21 at 3:00 pm, Addie HAS napped in her crib! ** We are so proud!

Until next time ❤



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