One month in.

One of the most heartwarming things I’ve witnessed as a parent thus far has been watching my husband interact with our newborn. He is gentle and calm. He is loving and patient. He is also hilarious when half awake and changing her diaper in the middle of the night after having decided to watch just a few more episodes of The Arrow instead of falling asleep with the baby and I hours earlier…

These moments are priceless – the whole Mr. Miyagi vibe he channels during the day is eclipsed by more candid thoughts about what caring for a newborn is all about.

For the record, I transcribed the following WORD-FOR-WORD while listening to him change Addie’s diaper the other night. He was standing up and wiping her booty while I was sitting, muffling my giggles, and waiting for him to finish so I could swaddle her. He kept looking over his shoulder like, “why are you laughing?!” and all I could think was “oh, you just wait...”

Luis, in speaking to Adeline:

“Girl, why you doing twisties?”
“Unless you’re putting on your own diaper, don’t touch it.”
“Aw man. I got crap on my knuckles.”
“Don’t point that at me!” (in reference to her butt)
“Are you laughing at me?”

Luis, in speaking to me:

“I think she’s laughing at me.”
“Come over here and put that cream stuff on her.”
“Does this butthole come with an off switch?”
“I better not have gotten s*** in my ear. I mean, I shouldn’t have put my ear that close to the war zone, but honestly…”

… And once diaper duty is over:

“Gosh, I love this little nugget.”

It’s the small moments like these that make me love our little family more than I could ever dream of.

Who would have thought that being half-asleep and watching your sig other get pooped on would evoke such emotions? Well.. I am a little off-color sometimes so that might be part of it, but seriously, this stuff has been the best.

Other noteworthy moments from this week included:

  • Watching Adeline throw up on Luis three times in a row (once down his back, once down his chest, and the other… well.. the third time was on me, so that wasn’t as funny)
  • Dressing Adds in Luis’ favorite Football Club gear (yes, “football” as in “soccer,” for those non-international fans)
  • Discovering that if you sing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from the Mulan soundtrack (which apparently came out in 1998, subsequently making me feel EXTREMELY old), Addie will go right to sleep
  • Watching the babes do a half-roll over with minimal assistance
  • Laughing at all the faces she makes when doing, well, everything (she obviously got the dramatic facial expressions from me!)
  • Getting Adds’ first piece of mail. Her birth certificate and social security card make her all official (as if being born wasn’t official enough)

LFC Mitten

This is her in *one* of her now MANY Liverpool FC outfits.

Interestingly enough, even though this has been a fabulous week, we actually had one of the hardest experiences of (what I’m thinking was) colic where Addie just COULDN’T sleep for an almost 24 hour period. It was at this time where Luis and I took a serious look at our attempt at *kumbaya* parenting and decided that laughing at the more stressful parts of parenthood was going to be our approach because you can either LAUGH or CRY, but you have to get through it regardless. Choosing this more “go with the flow” approach has made our time together (and with Adeline) much more enjoyable and, in fact, has brought Luis and I closer together… Plus! It has aided us in some serious late night laugh sessions due to pure sleep-deprived delirium. As much as I wish we could’ve gotten some more sleep in the last week, I wouldn’t change any of these moments for the world!

With that being said, get ready to hear all about what happens when Luis goes back to work (the school year is starting up again, ya’ll) and Addie and I start this whole routine over on our own. I know it’ll be interesting and full of learning experiences! Oddly enough, I’m actually kind of excited even though we’ll both miss Louie during the day. Routine, however, will be a much needed friend now that Adeline is nearing one month old (CUE THE TEARS… I’m not ready!). WAH!

So, more to come soon, but until then – here’s some cuteness to hold you over.


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