One week old.

Luis and I keep looking at each other in disbelief.

How could this precious angel be ours? She’s perfect. Seriously, the best – and we are lucky enough to call ourselves her parents.


Adeline is one week old today, having debuted last Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 10:10pm at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, CA. She weighed in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces and was 18 inches long at birth (we’ve since been to the doctor and learned she’s already grown an inch!). She’ll soon be taller than daddy and he’s a little salty about it.


The last seven days have been a wonderful blur of joyous moments where we’ve learned so much about ourselves and our beautiful baby. We’ve been showered with love from friends and family who’ve well-wished and visited us and have become overwhelmed in the most spectacular way with the blessings that little Adds McGadds has already poured into our lives.

DSC05307 (1)

She’s already got my attitude but daddy’s patience. She’s big on checking out her surroundings to see what the heck is going on and insists on giving some sugar-lovin’ to everyone she meets (that is, if she’s not snoozing, of course). She’s an expert sneezer, a breastfeeding champ, and a poop factory on the side. She loves to be swaddled (but only if her arms are popping out so she can reach her face) and constantly stretches her arms into a “Power to the People” pose. We call her Drunk Uncle when she’s tired or in the midst of eating because she’ll only open one eye; once she’s gotten her fix, though, she’ll be back to fully-alert mode and look at you with some of the silliest faces you’ve ever seen.

If you come to visit watch out for her kung fu kicks and tiger fist paws – she’s already super strong and likes to strike when you least expect it. She thinks it’s funny and, frankly, so do we. She’s the dang cutest babe when she’s getting a sponge bath, but is also pretty snazzy when she’s sleeping, eating, wide-awaking, and all the other times in between.


I mean, I guess we’re super biased, but who wouldn’t be? I mean, look at that FACE!



But let’s stay on track. Ya’ll want to hear the truth and I’m here to document it, so let’s talk about some of the not-so-fun moments so far.

  1. Childbirth. It was all fun and games from hours 1 through 12 of labor. It was around hour 13 of 15 where things got real. I mean, literally, for that first bit we were laughing with our L&D nurse (SHOUT OUT TO DANIELLE), taking pictures, roaming the halls, and talking up a storm through the dilation process (from about 3 to 8cm). We even joked around when getting the epidural because it wasn’t all that bad yet. But then the turning point came and I felt like the Phantom of the Opera was singing “Past the Point of No Return” in my ear when all I wanted was for him to break the damn chandelier and get on with the song… And this wasn’t the sexy Gerard Butler Phantom singing, mind you – it was the creepy 1986 Michael Crawford version and, whether real or not, I was getting a tad delirious in my nervousness for the impending “pushing” so I decided to shut out any extra noise and relax as much as possible (yeah right)… So, any who, there it was. That “I need to GO” feeling and the (not Danielle because her shift was over) nurse was like “nope. It’s not time yet.” Damn, Shannon. So we waited through some pretty major pain and then BOOM. Let’s do this. Game face on… and about 40 minutes later, after screaming like a banshee (me, not the baby) and what felt like half the L&D department coming into our room, Adeline debuted as the most fabulous baby in all the world. There was blood, there was goop, there was profanity *GALORE* and, ya know – there’s just so much more fun I could share, but let’s leave some things up to the imagination, shall we? Onward ho.
  2. Our first sleepless night. When Adeline couldn’t (or perhaps wouldn’t) latch on for what seemed like an eternity, she cried… I cried… we all cried for SLEEP (… Luis would like me to clarify that he in fact did not cry, but did get pretty worried when milk started spurting out Addie’s nose like a faucet… yeah, that was fun). It gets better. About half-way through the night we did the whole “what are we doing wrong?” exchange and started to feel a bit frantic, a little hopeless, and a tad frustrated. We sat together and said “what should we do?” but then by the grace of God it came to us. HELLO?! This is normal (I mean, maybe not the milk-faucet face), but not getting everything right the first time. It happens. To everyone. Calm down. Breathe. There was no pattern established yet, no foundation for us to work from – so we calmed down and so did the babes. What a concept. I mean, if I couldn’t latch on to the side of a michelada glass I’d be mad too! I get where she was coming from. Sad times, McGee. The good thing was that this experience, even though rocky in the beginning, turned into something quite beautiful by the end of the night. We got to learn so much about Adeline’s temperament, wants, needs, and moods and then spent some of the first quiet, family-only moments with her once she ate and calmed down. We gave her kisses, held her, talked to her about her future, and got to experience the love in loving a baby – not just the look how cute she is and toss-her-around routine from visitor to visitor that occurs in the first few days. That moment was precious and wonderful and I look back at it with a full heart. So, in retrospect, #teamnosleep wasn’t actually that bad after all. We don’t need to have multiple repeats, though. We’re good.
  3. And lastly, but definitely not least-y, projectile poop. Okay, this one’s actually pretty hilarious, even though I wouldn’t be saying that if it had happened on me. So… now that Adds is more regulated, her eating, sleeping, and dirtying diaper routine is on a note-worthy schedule. It’s important for us, though, to make sure we complete these steps in order because if not a disaster beyond your imagination will occur (yes, another Phantom joke for all you nerds out there). That disaster is called projectile poop and if you get caught in it’s clutches it can be damn deadly. So we’re sitting there changing Addie’s diaper and we hear a little “toot.” I laugh because it was cute… and it continued to be cute until Louie lifts her butt to clean the lady bits and *WA-POW* out flies poo all over Lou, the changing table and the clean diaper he was about to wrap her up in. I was shocked. Then I laughed. I mean, I LAUGHED LIKE I’VE NEVER LAUGHED BEFORE. You know, the gasping, clutching your chest kind of cackle-laugh. That’s where I was at. I couldn’t hold it together – mostly out of shock – but also because I realized we’d just experienced one of those moments you torment your kids with when they’re about to go on their first date with the super cool kid at school they want to impress. Haha, NOPE!! Nice try, baby girl. That story will scare them off real quick, which makes daddy VERY happy because we already know we’re going to have to fight off those knuckleheads with a stick. But, in all seriousness – I’m seriously still laughing.

So, in close, this last week has hands-down been the best week of my life. Nothing compares or comes close. Even marrying Lou wasn’t as wondrous and awesome as this (sorry boo! It’s definitely a close second). It helps that I can wear tennis shoes and my wedding ring again, I fit back into my favorite summer dresses (no offense maxi’s, but I needed some ventilation), and am only 13 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. I can also walk longer distances and am able to drink loads of coffee without even the slightest hint of heartburn. TAKE THAT! You beautiful, full-head of hair, you!


I can’t wait to post more about our adventures, experiences, weekly baby milestones and more, but for now, another cup of joe and some FitBit stepping are in order. I’ll just leave this here in case you haven’t gotten quite enough sweetness for one day ❤

DSC05364 (1)

2 thoughts on “One week old.

  1. Marina Andrews says:

    I just read through a bunch of your posts and I love them all so much. I love the mix of laughing and tearful moments throughout each one and your honesty and openness makes it so much better. I’m no where near marriage or motherhood, but I still adore your blog. You’re absolutely amazing and Adeline is so lucky to have you as a mommy. I can’t wait to keep reading and seeing your adventures of motherhood. Much love ❤


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