Let’s do this thing.

Emily 2

Funnily enough, people began asking me if I was going to start a blog when I found out I was pregnant with my first child about 7 months ago. I’m currently – you guessed it – 7 months pregnant, getting tired of work, and feeling quite (insert your choice word here) at the realization that I’ll be giving birth in the middle of summer in a very, very hot valley in Central California. I’m at the point where every time someone asks how I’m feeling, I want to search Pinterest for a 3rd trimester pregnancy meme depicting an oversized orangutan or a lady who can’t pull up her own pants. But back to blogging… every time someone would ask me about this I would think, “why? I don’t have anything interesting enough to say that someone (in their right mind) would take the time to read it.”

But… apparently I do.

I find myself amidst a cornucopia (take that, thesaurus!) of millennials who claim to be navigating a weird transition period between post-baccalaureate life and the elusive “adulting” stage… and, my Lord, it’s become slightly comical. We’re ambitious, generous, fiercely loyal, sometimes weird, and straight quirky. There’s certain things we know how to do really well, like utilize computer systems to take down foreign governments and become billionaires before turning 30, but we’re unsure of how to make friends outside of school, find fulfillment in our initial out-of-college jobs, and when discussions like “marriage” and “parenthood” arise… oh just shoot us now. We’d rather avoid these conversation and situations completely, let alone learn to maintain and mature through them. Now, not all millennials are on this boat, but I bet you – if you ask – you’ll find there are quite a few who would agree that life after college is just… blah (with a side of daily WTH).

So how did any of this have to do with me blogging about pregnancy? Being a wife? Life in general?

I don’t exactly know, I definitely don’t have any answers, and let’s just say that when I trip and fall into life’s pot holes I do so with as much grace as a bull in a china cabinet. But, honestly – being in the midst of many of the above circumstances (sans taking down foreign governments and becoming a billionaire), I find myself having *tid bits* of insight that might be helpful to those of you going through what I like to call “the quarter-life crisis.” If you’re in it, you know what I mean. If you don’t… hold on and brace for impact. And, even better, if you’re past it – laugh along with me. It only gets better (or so I’m told).

So… in the spirit of sharing, even though I am not a naturally share-y person, it might be fun to divulge some of my experiences to not only poke fun at my own ignorance, but to celebrate the (mini) victories of adulting over the last four years and, hopefully, beyond.

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